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Broken, but AWOKEN

We won't get OVER our loss, but we will learn to get through, TOGETHER!!

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Do you know why your ‘GET OVER IT’ is inaccurate?

You know what I have figured out that you do not get, World? You actually think that the DAY our loved one "Left" this physical earth is the 'STARTING POINT' that you count from. You know that date that you... Continue Reading →

Miss the “Old” Me? Newsflash, SO DO I!

I had to learn the hard way that Grief isn't a short period after death when it's your Child or Grandchild! It is a 'FOREVER CHANGED EXISTENCE' now. It shouldnt even be called Living, it's more Existing. I tell you... Continue Reading →

Grieving Ones:WHY DO I FEEL GUILTY whenever I Laugh or Have a Good Moment?

When asked tonight about GUILT, that is often felt by Grieving Parents & Grandparents, when they find themselves laughing or having a Good Moment, my response was the following. I'll take a quote from my book on this topic. It... Continue Reading →

NO ONE ASKS ABOUT YOUR ANGEL?? I have a FIX for that!!!

Did you know one of the hardest things for Grieving Parents, Grandparents, Siblings & Relatives of Loss Loved Ones, is the fact that people stop asking and talking about their LOVED ONES?? That makes the Grieving process incredulously harder! So... Continue Reading →

Grieving Moms & Dads Love their Dead child more than their Living child?

I could start this post out with the simple answer to that question but I choose to educate you, with hopes of changing your views once and for all. Imagine breaking your RIGHT arm. All of your actions and movements... Continue Reading →

Grieving Parent’s Zombie Life..No Judgement, Please

""World, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE PAIN OF LOSING YOUR KID! It's like the universe Pushed RESET on your life and you didn't see it coming. Then you have to figure out EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY, how to navigate around,... Continue Reading →

Holidays are HOLLOW-days..A Great Gift for Survivors!

As Grieving ones are drained from having survived yet another Holiday, without their Loved One, a New Year is hard to look forward to. I want to make that easier for you, if only an ounce easier. Check this Gift... Continue Reading →

What every Grieving Mom & Dad NEED TO KNOW!!

"I hope Every Single Grieving Mom, Dad, & Grandparent READ THIS!"

Grieving Parents are serving a LIFE SENTENCE

"Grieving Parents are serving a LIFE SENTENCE" "What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words 'Life Sentence' ? Criminals, right?  Parents and Grandparents outliving their children and grandchildren are serving a Life Sentence, as well.... Continue Reading →

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