After your Loss, regardless of when or how you suffered this inorganic tragedy, you feel LOST. You feel like a ‘stranger’, in your own life and world. That is Grief’s “FOG”. (I’ll explain further later)

Do You feel incapable of concentrating and lack the motivation, for most, if not all, of life’s functions? What Can You do about that? I will answer you in this article.

First, there are many contributing factors that compound your ‘Lost’ feeling, including, but not limited to, the abandonment of your supporting cast of family & friends, as well as, “Triggers”. Triggers are explained further, in my book, as those things that the world is unaware of, that slams you back to ‘Ground Zero’, with no advance warning or preparation. My book teaches you how to dethrone or disempower some of these ‘Triggers’ that creates continual setbacks and setups. This also is one of the mitigating factors, that keeps Parents & Grandparents from ‘Grief Graduation’! Think about that.

Now, back to the ‘Lost’ feeling, that makes you feel, oftentimes, that you are going crazy..Read this excerpt, from my book, for that Answer: screenshot_2016-07-27-17-03-06

SEE? YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY, Your bearings are Lost! Your bearings need to be reinstated to solve this, which my book expounds on.

The next thing I NEED YOU TO KNOW is that the “Old, Clear headed, Self-motivated, well balanced, stable YOU” is Gone! He or She DIED WITH YOUR CHILD. Why do I Say this? It isn’t to hurt you. I NEED YOU TO KNOW, that this ‘New Fragile You’ is only as ‘Old’, as the day your child got their wings! Read that again, if you need to. If you lost your kid 2 months ago, 2 Years Ago, or 10 Years ago, THAT IS ‘THIS NEW FRAGILE YOU’ Age. Read this excerpt from my book, then I’ll tell you its importance: screenshot_2016-07-27-17-03-11

The two-fold importance of this is as follows: 1) As soon as you accept this, You will stop exascerbating your journey by OVEREXPECTING this ‘Fragile Younger You’ to perform, function, or thrive based on the past capabilities of the ‘Mature Un-Devastated Un-emotional You’! Read that again. Stop beating up on this New You, because You (the old you) use to be intelligent or strong or focused or driven. Stop right here and accept all that I have told you! Disconnect from what you thought, prior to this pivotal info! If not you will spend years, spinning wheels, trying to get back to who you were, beating your ‘New fragile You’ up and being a conduit to DEPRESSION! My book will tell you how we go from HERE, from FRAGILE-ville and the second reason: 2) This is important that people around you stop dealing with you as if you are the old you or that they can somehow shove you off your grief mountain and set a magic date that You will return to who you were. I NEED YOU TO KNOW, IT WON’T HAPPEN, IT CAN’T HAPPEN!

What WILL & CAN happen is that you will learn to ‘get through’ and better, based on the POWER OF LOVE! Notice I said, THROUGH, not OVER IT. So stop thinking you just have to get to this magic anniversary and voila you will have made it. Dismiss that. It isnt true, it just isnt. With Support and a daily effort, AFTER ACCEPTING THE THINGS I NEEDED YOU TO KNOW, there is Hope, but the goal will be to get to your feet so your Angel can be remembered and live on, with you, now, Living FOR THEM! This is what I NEEDED YOU TO KNOW! My book, “My FIRST CHRISTMAS”, is the 100 pages of ANSWERS, as you see in these excerpts, that you need, for navigating this Neverending Journey, Regardless of what Grief Year you are in!! This book Supports my Daughter’s non-profit & can change Your LIFE! (read the reviews, then message me on FB or here for discounted rushed copies) We will never get OVER, but we will get Through, TOGETHER!! I just NEEDED YOU TO KNOW!!