Cathie Gray , unexpectedly became an advocate for the Grieving ones, after she was catapulted in the inorganic tumultuous world of child loss 8/7/14. Determined to save her 2 younger children, as well as the memory of her beloved firstborn, she knew she would have to get up. That uprising produced “SAFE” by D.D.T. GRAY ) a gritty, raw, expose non-fiction containing her quest for justice for her Loss. Once the grief rage passed, she knew there was a bigger challenge, as she had met thousands of agonizing survivors stuck in their grief, because the world abandoned them or insensitively pushed them to forget their loss.

She would never forget or let the world be so cruel to the grieving brothers and sisters she had met. She would launch a crusade for her children and all of their children, deceased and alive!! She would write a power-filled grief-busting book of HOPE & AIR & ANSWERS : “My FIRST CHRISTMAS” She took all she learned and devoted her waking hours to changing the face of grief once and for all!

“You will always have 3 children, Mommy. 2 that you can hold and 1 that will hold you now” The words from her beloved firstborn, Chelsea, also drove her to start an anti-BULLYING Campaign, The KCA(Keep Chelsea Alive) Movement.

This journey of grief has no fixed destination. We will never GET OVER our loss, but we will live FOR THEM, and get THROUGH this, TOGETHER!