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Building Bridges Over Grief

(Text Message) To: ‘The WORLD’ Sender: A Mom’s Grief PTSD

(To give you a microscopic glimpse of insight into complicated Grief, you need to know GRIEF PTSD is REAL!! Grief is not PTSD. Grief is Grief. But there are circumstances surrounding some paramount loss that results in PTSD. Open your... Continue Reading →


After CHILD LOSS, How do I answer the question: How Many Children do you have?

Society asks this question, with absolutely no malice intent. To a grieving parent, every inactive part of their being, re-engages & experiences raging agony every time this collection of words come out of another party's mouth. This, like so many... Continue Reading →

Why is it, we lose OUR kid, and the World loses THEIR mind??

The pain of Losing my Daughter is surpassed by nothing. My emotions,sanity, and beliefs were left HOMELESS!! I was an alien in my own life. The world was so cruel. I couldn't understand. I lost MY kid, how did the... Continue Reading →

Losing a Child or Loved one to VIOLENCE, You Deserve Justice!

For those that have lost a CHILD or Loved One to VIOLENCE, have you got JUSTICE?? Let's start to change that, this Remembrance Day for VIOLENCE VICTIMS, going forward!!

Grieving Moms & Dads will never get OVER their loss…Why?

I'll give you a simple answer first. 1) Losing a child or grandchild is INORGANIC. It goes against the circle of life and the natural DNA cycle and strips 'the older outliving the younger' of their natural bearings. Period. 2)... Continue Reading →


Read this post for an AWESOME COPING TIP!!

Broken, but AWOKEN

We won't get OVER our loss, but we will learn to get through, TOGETHER!!

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How to solve: Grieving Sibling AGE CRISIS

For your surving children...FINALLY, HERE IS THE ANSWER!!

SUICIDE: They didn’t mean to do this TO YOU, they did this FOR THEM…

EVERYONE that has ever lost a loved one to SUICIDE, MUST READ THIS!!

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