Did you know one of the hardest things for Grieving Parents, Grandparents, Siblings & Relatives of Loss Loved Ones, is the fact that people stop asking and talking about their LOVED ONES?? That makes the Grieving process incredulously harder! So many times all that their shattered hearts need, on any given day, is to know that you thought of their Loved one today.

Well, get ready to SMILE A LOT MORE! As you know, as an ANGEL ADVOCATE myself, I am ALWAYS trying to make this journey easier for My Grieving Friends all over the world!! I have a FIX for this longstanding devastating problem! Solve this need by Promoting SELF-HELP & WEAR A KCA(Keep CHELSEA Alive) LOVE BUTTON with YOUR ANGEL’S Face on it!! Yes Folks, Perfect Strangers in the Grocery store, Post Office, Bank, or anywhere that you wear your Button will ask “WHO IS THAT ON YOUR BUTTON?” My Soul SMILES each and every time someone asks that AMAZING QUESTION! I am less Sad, overall, because I get to talk about My Angel EVERYWHERE I GO!!

Get Your Button TODAY by Donating $5.75(that includes Postage) at http://www.thekcamovement.com for ONE or Donating $10.25 for TWO, TODAY!! Then message me a photo for your button, along with your Donation conf# & your Address!! GET READY TO LOVE THIS NEW COPING TRICK!! The KCA Movement is an organization that Fights Bullying & Saves All Youth in Crisis, raising Awareness for Suicide. You get to Support a GREAT CAUSE, all the while promoting SELF-HEALING, while on this tumultuous never-ending Journey!!

Me KCA Button & info