When asked tonight about GUILT, that is often felt by Grieving Parents & Grandparents, when they find themselves laughing or having a Good Moment, my response was the following. I’ll take a quote from my book on this topic. It reads: “There is no manual to Grief; yet here is what I know for sure.

Having happy moments does not invalidate the magnitude of Your Loss. Guilt shows up because our soul is trying to calibrate how is there smiles of happiness, when our existence is consumed with a Broken heart. This paradox produces this emotional soup. We have to remember though, OUR KIDS LIVED TOO!! If they did anything, while they were here, it was to attempt to bring us joy. Grief itself is so DROWNING. We need those waves of happy snippets just to catch our breath. That and hopefully, like a quilt, we can stitch those snippets together, until we get to our feet, not with the intention of being OVER THEM, but with the goal of finding a way, to turn up the Volume of THEIR LEGACY. Adding sound to the memories, the impact, the unrealized accomplishments of theirs, so that its heard, known, and even in turn, GIVES LIFE!! Finding Causes or even regular enough mentions of them, that We TRULY KEEP THEM ALIVE!! They are FAR TOO Awesome to let the silence of their absence, be the last thing the world hears from them!” We can’t let their death in vain and more importantly, WE CAN’T LET THEIR LIVES & LIVING HAVE BEEN IN VAIN EITHER!! I hope this and all the Hope you find in this Power-filled read of “My FIRST CHRISTMAS” By Cathie Gray, helps you, if only a little!! LET’S BE THEIR VOICE AGAIN, TOGETHER!…”FOLLOW” this Blog for So much more to come!! KEEP CHELSEA ALIVE!! KEEP YOUR ANGEL ALIVE!!