As Grieving ones are drained from having survived yet another Holiday, without their Loved One, a New Year is hard to look forward to. I want to make that easier for you, if only an ounce easier. Check this Gift idea out.

You know how priceless the photos you have, of your Angel, are, right? You also know photos become extremely priceless when photos are all you have left! This is another of those facts that the outside world will never understand. Well here it is folks. Join a Graphics group on Facebook or download the Imikimi App and take those same photos and put them in a wide array of frames, like pictured below. Then make 12 newly framed photos. I assure you it is like making a new memory with a photo you have seen a 1000 times. Print 12 of those at a Walmart or Walgreens and turn them into a ANGEL CALENDAR FOR ALL SURVIVING CHILDREN & SIBLINGS. It’s a way to give their hearts what they want most, to see their Angel ALIVE, EVERYDAY!! It’s giving them a NEW Year’s Gift they will LOVE! Kids need VISUAL, because they may not have as many memories as you, but you can give them NEW MEMORIES with their ANGEL, still!! My kids LOVE them!!(see pictured below)

You can MANY MORE COPING TRICKS AND TIPS for Children, in my 19 page Chapter, titled “S.O.S. Save Our Surviving-children” in my Grief-Busting novel, “My FIRST CHRISTMAS” . The proceeds from this 100 page book supports the non-profit, The KCA Movement . (KCA=Keep CHELSEA Alive) Don’t be thrown by the title of this Power-filled book. Grieving Parents, having lost children more than 2 decades ago, have attributed this book with their Breakthrough!!


I hope you LOVE this Gift idea!! FOLLOW this blog for more Grief coping tips in the future! As my book says “We will never get OVER our loss, but we will learn to get THROUGH..TOGETHER!” Support a Great Cause and help your Family at the same time, by ordering your copy TODAY!