“Grieving Parents are serving a LIFE SENTENCE”
“What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words ‘Life Sentence’ ? Criminals, right?  Parents and Grandparents outliving their children and grandchildren are serving a Life Sentence, as well. Simply put, the extremely inorganic nature, of this unnatural occurence, assuredly, will impact and effect every aspect, of their surviving lives, for the remainder of their lives. Let’s consider the facts.
First, a major difference between the Life Sentence of a criminal and the Life sentence of A Grieving parent is it is so undeserved by the latter party. Other than that, A ‘Life Sentence’ is something an individual is ‘shackled’ with, following one paramount event, that will forever restrict their freedom, constricts participation in day-to-day life, significantly reduces their ability to participate in festivities and all future special occasions, ‘Lifers’ are stripped of restful sleep, have digestive & other health issues, and are often abandoned by the ‘Unshackled’ (aka non-grievers) friends & families.
Grieving Parents & Grandparents will never be FREE, again. They will have to learn to live within the confinement of Grief. Many will walk away from them during their Sorrow’s incarceration. This conceptualizing was only intended to get you all to realize, we are ‘shackled’ with this undeserved inorganic devastation for the remainder of our lives. Clear your minds of thinking we can GET OVER it. We can free ourselves of our Life Sentence, about as much as a criminal can. WE didnt deserve ours, though. So PLEASE dont abandon us friends. Help us! You dont have to walk in our shoes, to help us stand in the Devastated ones we are laced in! “——-“My FIRST CHRISTMAS” by Cathie Gray (proceeds from this book, supports The KCA Movement) (Reach out to get your Autographed copy today or to see more)(Be sure to FOLLOW this blog, below) Here is an applicable excerpt