So Today, as many days, I spend most of my time with Devastated ‘GRIEVING Parents & Grandparents. No offense, “non-grievers” but ya’ll should be glad you don’t understand this BATTLE even though I TRY to educate the world around us too, with hopes of creating a better network of support, one day.

So, I was asked “WHY GO ON?” My immediate answer, I decided to post here for anyone else that needed that question answered today, with an excerpt from my book: “I have to GO ON because she is MY Baby (even though age 24 now). If she was blind, I’d be her eyes. If she was deaf, I’d be her ears. If she was paralyzed, I’d be her legs. She isn’t physically here, I HAVE TO BE HER EVERYTHING! I have to take care of her siblings and her Cousin she loved So. I have to be her VOICE! I have to attempt every single thing, I think, she wanted to do!! I won’t let one day define her. SHE LIVED TOO!! I’ll be damned if I will let any of you go on without her! I will drag her in ‘the wagon of my soul’ EVERY WHERE I GO! and I suggest you all do the same!!!” …”Just because we bury OUR child, the world does not get to bury their MEMORY too, unless YOU GIVE UP”——-from the book “My FIRST CHRISTMAS” by Cathie Gray

Now, at this moment, some of you are thinking about that age-old message you heard: ‘THEY can’t rest if you keep grieving’…RIGHT? Well Newsflash.. I call BullSh** on that! WHY?? You know what I have learned? First,  if our tears controlled the movement of OUR kids, in the afterlife, I assure you every deceased kid, in the WORLD, WOULD BE BACK HOME BY NOW!!! RIGHT???? Think about it…. So I call BS on that! Let me explain further.

I have also learned, seen, & experienced that ‘GRIEF’ makes NON-Grievers uncomfortable, right? ..SO dont you think, OF COURSE THIS AGE-OLD myth would be passed down by non-grievers from generation to generation to SILENCE THE GRIEVING ONES?? Well Guys, The POWER OF LOVE, My Love for my child and HER LOVE FOR ME, has just dispelled this insensitive addage for you!! This myth has made MILLIONS OF grief-stricken ones go into ISOLATION and internalize the agony, which in turn, PROLONGS THE PAIN! Non-Grievers, the only problem, with placing this onto a grief-stricken person is you did not console them ONE BIT! You forced them inside of themselves. What happens if you lock a lid onto a steampot?? It will IMPLODE OR EXPLODE. See, you guys say this due to your discomfort but you forgot to check back on them, as many of them ended up with health issues and even killed themselves!! Stop saying this crap ‘that if we cry our loved ones cant rest’..Shame on You! If you didnt know better, now you do! If you dont like this…guess what I didnt like losing my kid either, so I guess we both uncomfortable as heck!! Me SO MUCH MORE than YOU!!

Grieving Friends, do yourself a favor read this and then get yourself a copy of “My FIRST CHRISTMAS” by Cathie Gray AND DONT YOU DARE GIVE UP!!!!!!!! IM HERE IF YOU NEED ME!! “Outsiders” you read it too, because when you know better, YOU DO BETTER!! HELP Us to GO ON! DONT GIVE UP!!screenshot_2016-07-27-17-03-01