(To give you a microscopic glimpse of insight into complicated Grief, you need to know GRIEF PTSD is REAL!! Grief is not PTSD. Grief is Grief. But there are circumstances surrounding some paramount loss that results in PTSD. Open your mind & Check out the following message )

“HEY WORLD….THAT woman that you all KNEW, actually DIED That day, her child died. So listen up. What you see, is NOT what you get. Who you KNEW, is not who stands before you, now. She looks similar. You will even try to deal and relate to her, as you always have. You will be mistaken. You will be misunderstood, because she is walking around feeling misunderstood.. ever since she lost HER baby!! You may even be scolded and exposed, to the appearance of hostility or introversion in her. She isn’t hostile or introverted, SHE IS HURTING!!!! You never knew of the anger and rage she had inside. It is because, She NEVER KNEW A PAIN LIKE THIS!!!! That is all. She is still a beautiful specimen. Here is a tip for you- FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNEW ABOUT HER, just listen to her, now. If she even speaks. IF she does not speak, just sit with her, all she wants to hear out of your mouth, is HER CHILD’S NAME…… If she does not show up, don’t judge her. The Saddest thing is…Her ‘Ruler’..which she measures all of life’s things by, she finds it in 100 pieces, on the floor, by her bed, every single morning. The sad part is, she will spend all day, today, like she has every day, since her Child’s death, gluing her life’s ‘Ruler’ back together. Yet when she falls asleep and wakes again, opens her eyes & RE-REMEMBER, it will, without fail, place her ‘Ruler, on the floor, in 100 pieces all over again!! Tomorrow, will repeat, day after that, will repeat again” (End of text) Signed, A Mother’s Grief PTSD.(Excerpt from the chapter “Grief PTSD is REAL” in the book, “My FIRST CHRISTMAS” by Cathie Gray http://www.createspace.com/5068128 )

If you could write your text message, to the world, from your Grief-PTSD, what would it say?

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